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Centre for Healthy Active Living

CHAL Program

The CHAL program is family based and designed to be short and intensive, lasting approximately 2 years. This will give families adequate time to work closely with the CHAL specialists, participate in our group programing, and learn tools and strategies to best manage their weight and health over the long-term. Following the 2 years, families will return to the care of their family physician who will have ongoing access to the CHAL team for consultation. Click here to download an overview of our program.

Program Goals

  1. Teach families to focus on health behaviours they can control: how you eat, how you move and how you cope.
  2. Engage the entire family in making lifestyle changes
  3. Improve the physical and emotional health and the quality of life for the youth in our program

Key Points

  • CHAL is not a weight loss program
  • Healthy and beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes
  • Weight management is about improving health and well-being, not simply reducing numbers on a scale
  • Eating and weight-related problems are not the fault of the parents or the child
  • Nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress management are our medicines
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