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Resources for Parents & Kids - Book, Interactive Fun, Great Videos

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The Digest

 “The Digest” featuring IBD research from the CHEO IBD Centre, uOttawa, and Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences is the inaugural newsletter published by the IBD Foundation

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Help children and youth with IBD succeed at school

We know IBD can be unpredictable, stressful, embarrassing and debilitating -- especially for children. However, most educators don't. When it comes to IBD, they need our support so that children with IBD thrive in their classrooms.

The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation
and Robbie's Rainbow have collaborated to develop Blackboards and Bathrooms - a free, comprehensive program to help educators support students living with IBD.

Blackboards and Bathrooms aims to help teachers understand how symptoms and treatment can impact behaviour and academic performance.
It also equips teachers with strategies and resources they can quickly and easily employ at school -- including an All Access Bathroom Pass.

Download Blackboards & Bathrooms

Just Like Me! Teens with IBD

Just Like Me! Teens with IBD have a lot on their minds. Upcoming exams, sports, activities, friends, social media -- and they might also have worries about their disease, such as bathroom urgency, and how to get through the day with symptoms. If you are a parent of a teen with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, here are a few quick tips to help your teen feel supported and confident as they learn to live with their disease: 

  • Set up a plan with your child's school to give them the support and accommodations they need
  • Have your child keep a journal of their symptoms
  • Encourage your teen to speak up during visits with their doctor 

Campus Connection

For college students with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis: Campus-connection

Students can find and connect with other IBD patients on campus as well as receive helpful tips on:

  • Navigating college life with IBD 
  • Coping with their disease
  • Preparing for adult care

Check out these great sites today, and share them with your teens!

A Family IBD Guide for Caregiving

decorative imageThe book "Your Child with Inflammatory Bowel Disease" is an educational resource for parents of children and adolescents who have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.It was written by expert specialists in pediatric IBD who are members of the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (NASPGHAN).Dr. Mack, Director of the CHEO IBD Centre, is a contributing author to this book. It is designed to help families understand what is happening or might happen to their child when he or she has been diagnosed with this chronic intestinal condition.

The family of every child diagnosed with IBD at the CHEO IBD Centre is given a copy of this book to take home thanks to a generous donation and continued support by the IBD Foundation.



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Improving access to coordinated, consistent, high-quality health care for children, youth and their families. 

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