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Success Stories

Sarah's Story

I was born April 13, 1990 at the Hull Hospital in Quebec by cesarean section due to my being in breech position. I was born with a club foot, among other problems that the doctors were unsure of. The doctors thought I may never walk. Picture of Sarah as a baby in a park

After weeks of tests, with no clear results regarding my condition, my parents brought me to CHEO where it took no time for the CHEO team of doctors to diagnose me with Arthrogryposis, a form of muscular dystrophy which affects my joints and muscles and prevents me from bending my arms and one leg.

My journey at CHEO was a long one.

At 10 months I had my first operation to correct my club foot. I was also given arm and wrist splints and leg casts which I wore until I was nearly two years old. Over the years I would receive help from many departments at CHEO such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, orthopedic surgery, neurological testing, muscle and nerve testing, and genetics. My family and I made two trips a week to CHEO in the first two years of my life.

The amazing team of medical professionals here helped with much more than my physical needs. My care included surgeries, exercise, mobility aids, adaptive equipment, advice and emotional support for both me and my family. 

To this day, my mother has nothing but praise for CHEO. She says the staff was always professional, understanding and positive.

Picture of Sarah as teenage iat a picnic tableToday, I am 25 years old. I am happy, healthy and doing well.

Although I still have some difficulties with everyday tasks, I always find ways to adapt and keep going. I graduated from the Public Relations program at Algonquin College in 2014 and will continue my education at Ottawa University in the fall of 2015 in Public Relations. I like outdoor activities such as swimming and badminton and I enjoy going out with my friends to support local music. For the past year, I have volunteered in CHEO’s Communications Department, where it gives me great joy to give back what I can to the hospital and the team of people that helped me become the woman I am today.

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