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Scholarship Opportunities

Applications are now open - apply today!

Crohn's and Colitis Canada annual AbbVie IBD Scholarship is now accepting applications for fall 2018

Are you a student living with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis and are attending a post-secondary institution in fall 2018? If yes, please apply for one of ten one-time scholarships of up to $5,000 for students living with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

The AbbVie IBD Scholarship is a competitive bursary. All applications must be submitted online at IBD Scholarship.

Application deadline is 5pm EST on June 1, 2018. Visit the website to learn more about the requirements to apply. Please note the scholarship application can take some time to prepare, so early submission is recommended. Past applicants are welcome to reapply. 

The IBD Foundation Scholarship Award

The IBD Foundation’s Scholarship Program has supported students living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD - Crohn’s and colitis) in reaching their academic goals, helping students to overcome some of the everyday challenges in meeting these goals. The IBD Foundation awarded a $6,000 scholarship to the successful applicant who best demonstrated his/her ability to live well with IBD, and who is an inspiration to others by their actions and attitudes in overcoming challenges to reach their personal and academic goals.

We thank the IBD Foundation for this wonderful initiative over the past years. Unfortunately, the IBD Foundation Scholarship Program is not offered for the 2018 year. 

IBD Foundation Youth Scholarship 2017 awarded to Malaika Zarrouki and Robert Gardiner

Imagen of Malaika receiving award

Malaika Zarrouki awarded 2017 IBD Foundation Scholarship Award of $6,000 at the Youth Gut Together (make Youth Gut Together a link to the event page). Malaika is go-getter! She is an amazing advocate for living well with IBD. Her positive disposition, strong determination and courage has propelled her to volunteer for IBD research studies, participant and volunteer at most IBD education and fundraising events, learn to cook healthy, organize a fundraiser for the IBD foundation within her school, and coach children to sing all while holding a part time job! Congratulations Malaika!

Robert Gardiner presented with Honorary 2017 Scholarship of $2000.00. Robert has overcome the everyday challenges to live well with IBD! He is an incredible individual and amazing student! Robert has spent endless hours giving back to his community as part of the Junior Civitan club and was the president in grade 10. He readily volunteered to be involved in IBD research studies at CHEO. Robert has accepted to study Economics at Queens University. Congratulations Robert!

IBD Foundation Youth Scholarship 2016 awarded to Meghan Parsons 

Image of Meghan receiving awardMeghan is a passionate, intelligent, hard-working and inspiring young lady. She has not allowed Crohn's disease to define who she is, or to stop her from pursuing her dreams! She is an excellent student, a competitive horseback rider and has ambitious plans to become a veterinarian. Meghan is an inspiration and excellent role model for children living with inflammatory bowel disease and her positive spirit and determination shines in all that she does.

Meghan was awarded the IBD Foundation 2016 Scholarship Award ($6,000 total - $2,000 each year for 3 years)

IBD Foundation Youth Scholarship 2015 awarded to Emily Duval

Picture of Emily receiving awardEmily is an outstanding and inspiring young lady who has overcome many challenges while living with a serious chronic illness since a young age. She is an accomplished student, who not only excels academically, but who is a genuine role model for others living with IBD. She is an IBD Champion, actively involved with education and promoting awareness (including posting a blog of her struggles, which has followers from all over the world) as well as volunteerism for youth with IBD.

The IBD Foundation 2015 Scholarship Award ($6,000 total - $2,000 each year for 3 years) - Recipient: Emily Duval

The IBD Foundation 2015 Scholarships to Mankashay Aman, Renee Brazeau and Montana Kent

Image of award recipients 

 The IBD Foundation 2015 Scholarships (one-time award of $1,000), - Recipients: Mankashay Aman; Renee Brazeau and Montana Kent





3C Foundation Youth Scholarship 2014 awarded to Jacob Menard

Jacob Menard, CHEO IBD Centre Graduate was presented the 2014 3C Foundation Youth Scholarship by 3C Board Member, Bill Davis!

Jacob joins previous IBD Scholarship Recipients from the CHEO IBD Centre:

Ahmad Atoui - CHEO IBD Centre Graduate 2013
Lauren Lafrance - CHEO IBD Centre Graduate 2012
Honorary Scholarships of $500.00 were presented to deserving students
Matt Diener - IBD Centre Graduate 2013
Samy Coulombe - IBD Centre Graduate 2013
Maria Fakhouri - IBD Centre Graduate 2013


3C Foundation Youth Scholarship 2013 awarded to Ahmad Atoui

Lauren Lafrance, graduate of the CHEO IBD Centre and 2012 recipient of the 3C Foundation IBD Scholarship, assists Bill Davis, Director, 3C Foundation of Canada present $6,000.00 2013 IBD Scholarship to Ahmad Atoui, CHEO IBD Centre Graduate.

Honorary Scholarships of $500.00 were presented to deserving students Matt Diener, Samy Coulombe, and Maria Fakhouri.


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