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Tonsillectomy-Adenotonsillectomy Study

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Research Ethics Questions and Answers Pertaining to the "Factors Influencing Hospital Admission for Children Undergoing Elective Tonsillectomy/Adenotonsillectomy"

What is the overall goal of this study?

Our goal is to describe the various factors and criteria used by North American pediatric otolaryngologists and anesthesiologists to determine the need for a postoperative hospital admission/referral in children undergoing an elective T/A&T.

What are the outcomes to be measured in this study?

1. Primary

  • Confidence among North American pediatric anesthesiologists and otolaryngologists to determine the most appropriate postoperative disposition of a child undergoing elective T/A&T.

2. Secondary related to same surgical population

  • Preoperative utilization of polysomnography or overnight pulse-oximetry to screen for OSA.
  • Types of common preoperative tools used to aid the diagnosis of OSA.
  • Pre-operative criteria used to determine overnight admission/hospital referral.
  • Respiratory-related intra-operative and post-anesthesia criteria used to consider overnight admission/hospital referral.
  • Post-operative disposition locations available and utilization of discharge criteria.
  • Demographics of the responding physician.

Has the project received ethics approval?

Yes. The Research Ethics Board at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, affiliated with the University of Ottawa, has approved the project.

 How will I provide my consent if I choose to participate?

Your consent to participate will be considered implied if you agree to complete the online survey. There will not be written, signed consent.

Will the results be anonymous?

Your personalized link to the survey has been assigned a number. This information will be password-protected and accessible only to the Primary Investigator. Reporting of data for publication will be presented as aggregate data only. No hospital will be identified by name.

Do I have to participate?

You are free to participate or not in our study. You are free to withdraw your participation from this study at anytime.

Are there any anticipated harms from my participating in the study?

It would be extremely unlikely. All information will be treated anonymously. Neither you nor your hospital will be identified by name in any publication or report.

Who is funding the study?

University of Ottawa Department of Anesthesiology

Who are the members of the research group?

Kimmo Murto (PI), MD, FRCPC; Sherri Katz, MD; Wesley Chen B.ScH.; Lisa Elden, MD; Stacey Ishman, MD; Deborah Schwengel, MD; Evan Propst, MD; Vidya Raman, MD; Aymen Sellami LL.L., M.D. (candidate); Mary Aglipay MSc; Jerrold Lerman, MD; Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine (SASM) Pediatric Committee.

Who can I contact if I have any other questions?

Please feel free to contact myself, Dr Kimmo Murto, Chair SASM Pediatric Committee at or by phone 613 737 2431.

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