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CHEO - OCTC’s Volunteer Program 

Volunteering is an altruistic activity where individuals provide services for no financial gain, to support a cause that is meaningful to them. To volunteer, quite simply, is a beautiful thing.

At CHEO-OCTC, volunteers play an integral role. Over 400 volunteers work tirelessly to enhance the services and resources that we provide to children, youth and their families.  CHEO-OCTC volunteers bring abundant talents to our hospital, treatment centre and classrooms, in effort to create a supportive, productive and ever-friendly environment.

Our core volunteer program runs throughout the year. We offer co-operative placements for secondary students when there is demand, but co-op placements are coordinated between the school’s guidance counsellor and Volunteer Resources.

Everyone who volunteers at CHEO-OCTC makes an impact, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your time, energy and goodwill. Thank you!

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