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CHEO - OCTC’s Volunteer Program 

The purpose of CHEO- OCTC's Volunteer Program is to recruit and support those members of our community who provide services and resources to the clients, patients, families and staff of CHEO - OCTC. 

Our volunteers represent a variety of backgrounds, from secondary school students to professionals and seniors. Volunteers bring their numerous talents to the hospital, and help create a supportive and friendly environment. Volunteers play a vital role in helping CHEO - OCTC provide its patients with the best care possible.

Here is a glimpse into our programs:

Core Program:

The Core program offers non student and post-secondary students to volunteer between September to June. 

Summer Program:

The Summer program offers students to volunteer from May - August . Applicants must be 16 years old to apply.

Co-Operative Education program during the school calendar year:

CHEO - OCTC supports senior secondary school students with supervised out-of-school learning opportunities, and the occasion to earn credits while assisting students in making career decisions. Placements are offered in September and February only. Interested students are to contact the Co-Op department of their school for registration information.

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