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Volunteer Association

The Volunteer Association was established in 1965 prior to the construction of the hospital. The Association started as an auxiliary of women who decided that they would like to have a local hospital to service the needs of the children in the community. These women, together with other organizations within the city, lobbied government and raised funds for the development of the hospital. This auxiliary of women has since grown into the Volunteer Association, which was incorporated in 1999. The vision of the Volunteer Association is “To Promote Volunteerism”.

This vision guides the Association’s Board of Directors in fostering and supporting volunteers who generously give their time to the hospital, the patients and their families. The Volunteer Association works in partnership with the Volunteer Resources team. Volunteer Resources is responsible for the management of volunteer programs, and collaborates with volunteers and Hospital staff with the design of volunteer initiatives and activities within the hospital.

The Volunteer Association supports the Oasis Coffee Shop activities, and runs the H.E.L.P.P. Lottery. The funds raised from these activities are used to fund a variety of activities including the purchase of equipment for the hospital, donations to major undertakings of the hospital, funding for volunteer educational programs and conferences, and funding for volunteer appreciation activities. All volunteers are invited to attend the Volunteer Association Board of Directors meetings, and are encouraged to observe or participate in the decision-making process. Recognizing and celebrating volunteer achievements is also important to the Volunteer Association. We encourage all volunteers to attend the numerous volunteer recognition activities the Association hosts throughout the year.

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