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CHEO's Volunteer Program

CHEO celebrates the many volunteers during National Volunteer Week, April 15 – 21, 2018.

A special tribute to Maureen Tourangeau.

Image of Maureen between her grandaughter Emma and Alex Munter

The year was 1967. Maureen Tourangeau was a young mother, new to Ottawa, armed with brilliant ideas and boundless enthusiasm for giving the community’s children the best life. Seven years before CHEO opened, Maureen was there, raising funds with the Women’s Auxiliary volunteer forces. Bake sales, coffee blitzes and special events collected thousands of dollars for the hospital. Her passion for creating a place to serve children grew from a dream into CHEO — the flourishing hospital it is now. Even after their vision was established and CHEO was formed, Maureen and her tireless team of young mothers slipped into action, firmly establishing the hospitals’ volunteer services. 

As the decades passed, Maureen’s focus never waned. Her children grew up, CHEO developed and expanded, the world itself saw massive changes and Maureen remained a faithful CHEO volunteer — cuddling babies, entertaining children and spreading her passionate heart throughout. Maureen was present at every stage of CHEO’s existence.

Maureen was the warm and steady heartbeat of CHEO’s volunteers. For nearly 50 years, her servant’s heart saw CHEO turn from a mere idea into the thriving hospital it is now. Though CHEO and all the lives she touched are deeply saddened at the news of her passing, Maureen leaves an incredible testament to the life of a volunteer — a unique story of dedication and care that inspires our own stories.

Maureen was an inspiration within CHEO’s walls and to those who crossed her path. All of our volunteers take part in incredible work, but today we recognize Maureen Tourangeau, our longest-standing volunteer who out-did and inspired us all.

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