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Youth Forum

The mission of CHEO’s Youth Forum is to provide an opportunity for a representative group of youth to give feedback, ideas and suggestions about CHEO’s programs, services, policies and environment.

Youth Forum’s goals include:

  • To provide advice from a youth’s perspective
  • To act as a resource for hospital staff
  • To advocate for youth health
  • To make CHEO a more youth friendly place for adolescent patients

Membership consists of:

  • 8-12 youth (inpatients, outpatients, siblings) between ages of 12-18
  • 2 Resource Staff
  • Meet on a monthly basis September – June

Activities include:

  • Providing ongoing education about Youth Forum at CHEO
  • Providing feedback on hospital services & programs
  • Promoting the ‘Youth Friendly’ Award
  • Administering the Youth Friendly Grants Program
  • Fundraising to support grants program
  • Promoting – Youth Forum’s Top 10 Helpful Hints Video.

How can you Join CHEO’s Youth Forum?

Are you between the ages of 12 and 18? Do you have experiences at CHEO as a patient, former patient or sibling? Would you like to help staff and physicians make changes to CHEO by sharing your experiences? Then Youth Forum might be the thing for you. Youth Forum consists of a group of teens and is lead by CHEO staff. The meetings are monthly and held after school for an hour and a half. Youth Forum takes on creative projects with the goal of making the hospital more teen-friendly. CHEO provides a meal, bus tickets to get here, high school volunteer hour credits and a reference. If you're ready to make a one year commitment to attend the meetings and have some fun, then please contact Shannon Watson for more information: 613-737-7600 ext. 2388 or

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