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Ressources – L'Ensemble des troubles causés par l'alcoolisation foetale (ETCAF)

Bibliothèque de ressources familiales Kaitlin Atkinson
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Liste de ressources

The best I can be: living with fetal alcohol syndrome-effects / Kulp, Liz -- Brooklyn Park, MN: Better Endings New Beginnings, 2000.
Written by a young girl with FAS and co-written by her adoptive mother, this short book is packed with information and provides a unique perspective.
FAM RG 629 .F45 K846

The challenge of fetal alcohol syndrome: overcoming secondary disabilities -- Seattle, WA: University Of Washington Press, 1997.
Expert recommendations and strategies for individuals living with fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol effects in order to improve daily life
FAM RG 629 .F45 C42

Damaged angels:  a mother discovers the terrible cost of alcohol in pregnancy / Buxton, Bonnie -- Toronto: Knopf Canada, 2004.
The in depth story of a family's adoption of a child with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and the joys and triumphs that resulted
FAM RG 629 .F45 B89

David with FAS: a story of fetal alcohol syndrome [VHS] -- Montreal, QC: National Film Board of Canada, 1996.
FAM RG 629 .F45 D38 VIDEO

Fantastic Antone grows up: adolescents and adults with fetal alcohol syndrome -- Fairbanks, AK: University of Alaska Press, 2000.
Parents, teens and young adults will find it to be hopeful yet realistic and full of practical advice. Thoughtful and informative articles by parents, siblings and FAS/E affected young people are hard to put down.
FAM RG 629 .F45 F36

Fantastic Antone succeeds! experiences in educating children with FAE-FAS -- Fairbanks, AK: University of Alaska Press, 1993.
This book describes in concrete, specific ways how to educate children with fetal alcohol syndrome/fetal alcohol effects (FAS/FAE). It communicates an optimistic message that is both true and appealing: with the right education, delivered by a nurturing individual in the home or in the school, many alcohol-affected children thrive.
FAM RG 629 .F45 F35

Fetal alcohol syndrome: a guide for families and communities / Streissguth, Ann Pythowicz -- Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes Publishing, 1997.
Compelling and easy to understand, this book explains the medical and social issues surrounding fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and fetal alcohol effects (FAE). Compassionately written by the expert psychologist who conducted some of the earliest examinations of children with FAS and FAE more than 20 years ago, this guidebook explains how to identify and work with children and adults who have the disorder and how to educate prospective mothers and society at large.
FAM RG 629 .F45 S78

Fetal alcohol syndrome: the real brain drain / Szabo, Paul -- Ottawa: Paul Szabo, 2000.
FAM RG 629 .F45 S93

Let's talk FASD: parent driven strategies in caring for children with FASD: parlons de l'ETCAF: stratégies venant des parents pour le soin des enfants ayant l'ETCAF -- Ottawa, ON: VON Canada, 2005.
Cette ressourcefournitdes conseils pratiques,techniqueset stratégiespour aiderles parents à répondreaux besoins des enfantsatteints de ETCAF.  Aussi disponibles en ligne. / This resource provides practical tips, technique and strategies to help parents meet the needs of children with FASD. Also available online / (English version) (version français)
FAM RG 629 .F45 L47 2005

Our fascinating journey: the best we can be: keys to brain potential along the path of prenatal brain injury / Kulp, Jodee -- Brooklyn Park, MN: Better Endings New Beginnings, 2001.
This book is filled with practical ideas and stories to help individuals with FAS achieve success. Sequel to "The Best I Can Be”.
FAM RG 629 .F45 K84

Parenting children affected by fetal alcohol syndrome: a guide for daily living -- Vancouver, BC: Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents, 1998.
This book provides parents and caregivers information on common manifestations, common misconceptions, parenting suggestions, guidelines for daily living, special considerations for infants and adolescents and talking to your child about FAS.
Also available online
FAM RG 629 .F45 P37 1998

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Sites Web 

Ensemble des troubles causes par l’alcoolisation fœtale (ETCAF) - Agence de la santé publique du Canada / Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FAS) - Public Health Agency of Canada

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) - US National Library of Medicine

Kids Health - Health information for parents, kids, teens from the Nemours Foundation

FASD Ontario Network of Expertise

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Coalition of Ottawa

Ensemble des troubles causés par l’alcoolisation fœtale (ETCAF) – About Kids Health / Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) – About Kids Health

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

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FASD Group of Ottawa
c/o 780 rue de L'Église
Ottawa, ON K1K 3K7
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Ce guide fournit du matériel médical pour informations seulement et ne vise pas à remplacer les conseils du médecin. Ces informations pourraient ne pas toujours s'appliquer aux situations individuelles.

Ce guide présente le matériel disponible à la bibliothèque de ressources familiales du CHEO. Ce n'est pas une liste complète. Votre bibliothèque publique locale pourrait aussi être en mesure de vous fournir des informations précieuses.

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