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Down Syndrome Clinic

What we do

The Division of Pediatric Medicine, Down Syndrome Outpatient Services provides care to children and youth with a confirmed diagnosis of Down syndrome. The Clinic makes sure that the medical needs of children are met consistent with the Canadian Down Syndrome Medical Guidelines. The clinic may also recommend and briefly address certain aspects of developmental, behavioural, and educational issues.

Our Team

Our Team consists of two part time pediatricians, two nurses, and a part time dietician.

Being Referred to the Down Syndrome Clinic

The parents of all patients who have a confirmed diagnosis of Down syndrome will be contacted by a Nurse Coordinator to answer questions, offer to provide referrals to health and developmental services and to set up appointments with the Down Syndrome Clinic.

How to Reach Us

Should there be questions or concerns about a child/youth’s health, one of the following numbers will be useful. Please note that the numbers are not emergency lines and are only answered during business hours, Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. If no-one is available to take a call, leave a message that includes your name and your relationship to the patient, the name and date of birth of the patient, the name of the doctor, and details on where and when you can be reached. Calls will be returned within 2 business days.

Phone numbers

  • CHEO’s main number 613-737-7600
  • To reach the Down Syndrome Clinic: ext. 2352
  • To reach a Nurse Coordinator: ext. 3980 or ext. 2825
  • To reach the doctor’s offices call: ext. 2664
  • To reach the dietician: ext. 3375
  • To send a fax: 613-738-4292

These phone numbers are not emergency lines. For emergencies contact the family care provider, Telehealth Ontario, your CLSC, or 911.

On the day before or the day of an appointment:

If the child/youth has one of the following symptoms on the day of your appointment, please call the clinic nurse about the symptoms and the possibility of re-booking.

  •  Fever

  •  Cold Symptoms (i.e., cough, shortness of breath, runny nose)

  • Diarrhea/vomiting

  •  Chicken Pox (contact)

If the appointment is not urgent, it should be delayed until the child/youth is well (unless the child/youth is being seen specifically for these symptoms). In these cases every effort will be made to re-book the child/youth at the next earliest appointment time.

Please advise the Clinic if anyone accompanying the patient has a cold or any other infection. They may be required to wear a mask during the visit to CHEO and should return home immediately after the appointment.

Coming to the Appointment

The pediatrician who sees the child/youth will keep the regular doctor up-to-date so that he/she can continue to take care of all of the child/youth’s other health and wellness needs. It is very important that close contact with the child/youth’s regular doctor is maintained as the Down Syndrome Clinic does not provide primary care.

Please bring the following to each appointment:

  •  Immunization Record

  •  Record of medication and dosage

  •  School Reports

  •  Therapy Reports (i.e., OT, PT, Speech)

  • Health Card

  •  Proof of address


Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS)
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario
Down Syndrome Association – National Capital Region

CHEO Library References
Library references

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